Telstra Internet Direct

Telstra Internet Direct is a carrier-grade, dedicated connection to one of the largest internet backbones in Australia.

Telstra Internet Direct offers a wide range of carriage service types, speeds, usage and pricing options, as well as the option of IPv6 addressing.

In-built security measures help to keep communications safe, while the extensive coverage and exceptional performance help customers avoid congestion and configuration issues. The comprehensive online management and reporting tools help customers analyze and make changes to their usage requirements. Telstra Internet Direct is easy to manage and scalable giving it the flexibility to satisfy the needs large and small businesses

 A secure, uncontested connection to one of the largest internet backbones in Australia and the global internet

A clear difference when you connect with Telstra

  Features of Telstra Internet Direct  Benefits
An individual, secure, uncontested carrier-grade connection to the internetHelps you avoid congestion and configuration issues
Direct access to one of Australia’s largest internet backbones through more than 88 Points of Presence locally. All capital city access points are connected with minimum 10 Gbps links to the core network with a maximum of only two hopsEase of access to your business across all Australian capital cities and many regional areas with faster speeds
Dedicated internet infrastructure in over 15 countries and more than 900 Points of Presence globally through our partnersMinimised hops internationally for better performance
High levels of clear bandwidth capacity over optical fibreHelps to reduce latency and packet loss during data transit
Built in security measures at multiple layers and devicesHelps keep your communications and online transactions safe and private
24/7 monitoring and management of our network plus full redundancyHigh levels of availability to support your operations
Technical helpdesk, plus a dedicated online helpdeskHelps to ensure any issues are resolved quickly
A wide choice of data access methods including ADSL, Ethernet Lite, IP Gateway, E-Line, Optic Wave™ and Ethernet MAN (with the exception of satellite and cable)Flexibility to have the access type that suits different site requirements
A wide range of speeds from 512kbps with Ethernet Lite to 1Gbps with Ethernet MAN and 10Gbps with E-Line and Optic Wave™Choose the speed that matches your business needs at each site
A choice of pricing plansEnables you to combine economy with performance. For Unlimited Plan Users: have greater flexibility through on-demand bandwidth features and your routers will have an enhanced feature for allocating bandwidth to your users. For ‘Limited’ Plans Users: gain greater flexibility from shared bandwidth allowances.
CustData online portal – a secure portal accessible by most web browsers with easy navigation lets you: check monthly usage reportsmanage usage threshold alertsconfigure services eg routingtest serviceslog faultsuse performance reporting toolsmanage contact details  View and manage your service performance, plan network capacity and budget requirements
Network Visibility online toolAllows you to assess your network path and routing information, and self-diagnose network issues without needing to contact us.
Static IP addressingEnables you to host your own content – additional IP addresses are available on request
Option of IPv6 addressing across Ethernet MAN, Ethernet Lite, or Ethernet LineFuture-ready – use the new addressing protocol when you need to
Optional services – Telstra Internet Direct can integrate with compatible Telstra services, such as Security Services, Cloud Services (through Co-location), and equipment via Managed Data NetworksCombine extra services to suit your business and have the simplicity of one contact point