Telstra Business SIP

If you are a typical business customer, you would be most likely be using a Telephone system. If your telephone system uses traditional copper telephone lines, due to the roll out of the NBN, we would like to let you know that a change is coming your way.

Introducing Telstra Business SIP

What is SIP?

SIP is a simple term given to a Phone line connection delivered over the internet. (VOIP)

What makes Telstra SIP different to the rest?

Telstra Business SIP is secure and is designed for those customers who require the assurance that the phone calls over the internet are safe and reliable. That’s why Telstra SIP is delivered via a dedicated access device that is securely connected to Telstra cloud. This boast cannot be made by many others on the market.

In fact there are many sip service providers but few are comparable to Telstra in regards to security and reliability because Telstra has invested in the key infrastructure required to give assurance to its customers that they are in safe hands.

By connecting this way Telstra can provide a safe method of calling over the internet.

ISDN network Shut Down – how does that affect you?

Most business customers would be familiar with the ISDN network for Telephone services delivery. These were digital voice services delivered over copper. Due to the nation-wide roll out of the NBN the ISDN Telephone network will be systematically switched off.

This means that you will be required to switch to new digital technology delivered over the internet. Telstra makes this easy with Telstra Business sip as a simple migration. In most cases a Phone system upgrade is not required however in some cases if the telephone system you are using is not compliant due to its make and model being too old, then an upgrade may be required.

We can help you make the switch to Business SIP – a better way to connect.