Xirrus is a leading provider of high performance wireless networks. Designed to handle the wireless usage explosion created by BYOD amd internet of things (IoT), Xirrus solutions address wireless infrastructure needs from the most basic to the most demanding. Xirrus provides a vital strategic advantage to organizations that depend on wireless to conduct their business.

Xirrus Wireless Networking solutions have taken an innovative approach to providing wireless. .
The Access points are mounted in a chasy which has the controller built into it. The chasy can hold upto 16 radios making the Access point capable of connecting alot of clients. Due to the nature of the controllers being on the edge right where clients are on boarding, data can be routed very efficiently making Xirrus a top speed player in the market.
The AP’s can be stand alone or clustered so as to allow easy management when configuring a campus network. The AP’s can also be setup with deep packet inspection to ensure critical apps perform predictably.


The AP’s radios are modular, meaning when an upgrade comes out on wifi hardware such as 802.11 AC, the old radios can be removed and new ones inserted saving on upgrade costs into the future. This makes a sound investment on hardware that is protected by a maintenance plan from Xirrus.

Xirrus solutions are easy to use with web based provisioning via either cloud or on premise management. Combine this with Xirrus Easy pass Access Services for simple guest access with complete visibility and easy and secure self onboarding for BYOD from any device.

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