At Trusted we specialize in Telstra mobiles and have available all that Telstra has to offer.

You can request a request a quote for a phone or a BYO plan by using the form below or send an equiry and we will evaluate the best options available for you.

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Switch to Telstra and receive a port in credit of 2 months on your bill as a welcome to Telstra, the network without equal. From that point you will also have the certainty of our personal and friendly service and support to continue as long as you stay connected to Telstra. We offer this as a free service as a thank you for choosing Trusted as your choosen Telstra dealer.

Here are just some of the advantages of having Trusted Business Solutions provide you with Telstra account management for your mobiles:

1. Partner approach – Here for the long run building a lasting relationship as per our company mission
2. Telstra Informed – We have access and understanding of Telstra’s products and insider information from Telstra
3. Qualified – in other areas of business – not like a retail worker in a shop. We have a very broad business knowledge from Telstra to IT to Communications
4. Accessiblity – contactable quickly to get things done on your behalf with your Telstra account at no cost to you.