In a wireless world, knowledge is key to confidently design and deploying a voice grade wireless solution.

We are an authorized Spectralink Wifi and Spectralink DECT solutions provider, our technicians are trained and certified installers for Spectralink platforms. Spectralink is the most widely recognized Enterprise Cordless Telephone vendor servicing organizations in Health Care, Education and Manufacturing worldwide.

With seamless hand off, integration to other platforms (such as nurse call and Sip server Telephone systems), bar code scanner and instant messaging applications the Spectralink handset becomes a powerful tool in the hands of the roaming worker.

Backed by our depth of experience in Wireless communications, we can engineer and fully deploy a total voice grade wireless network and then create the cordless device platform to maximize the benefit.  You will see incredible results through improved productivity, work place safety and faster reporting through implementation of the Spectralink Premium level enterprise cordless platform.

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