At Trusted Busisiness solutions we realize the importance of selecting the Right Unified Communications (UC) Solution. Business convergence between Information and communications systems is becoming the key. Capturing data and analyitics will be the key to making right business decisions for managers when strategizing who to call and what to say in sales.


As an NEC partner we understand the Future of the workplace relies upon
mobility as the key to allow staff to work from anywhere. Also the importance to support Support for any type of device. Collaboration will change how people work, conferencing and instant messaging, social media will accelerate adoption in the modern enterprise.

Thats why we recommend to carefully consider the right deployment model that will integrate with your business and extend collaboration outside your organization.

The Bennefits of a NEC solution are that it will

  • work with legacy systems allowing existing hardware to remain where neccessary
  • it is a scalable and integrated solution making it future ready.
  • it has a choice of deployment models, onsite, cloud or hybrid.
  • supports a Dynamic IT approach, as IT systems change, NEC platforms will converge to meet the changing envirnments
  • Ensure IT & Communications managers are aligned and understand how both systems work together.

Please see attached the report provided by Frost and Sullivan on Unified communications and note that from the top 4 vendors in the world NEC comes out on top.

Be smart about the next Communications System you invest in and seek our advise on how we can get you a tool to improve your business capabilities in comunicating with your sphere of influence. We are on your side.

Call today on 1300799897 and our friendly staff will guide you through some important aspects of your solution that many overlook.