The Meru Wireless system uses state of the art technology for creating a wireless network which allows single chanel deployment and channel layered architecture to provide seemless, easy to manage coverage. It is widely used in eductaion and health as well as in maufacturing due to the hand off when roaming between cells.

The fact that it’s single channel means there is no co-channel interference and Meru is the only vendor to boast this capability. If you are looking for a voice/video quality wireless network, look no further than Meru.

Combine this with Meru Network Manager which can manage multiple controllers in real time and also track data from the past making management of the wireless system simple. We have deployed such systems in Singapore with fantastic results.

Meru licensing is flexible allowing managers to move licenses between sites as required.

Guest management is a key function of Meru Smart connect. Stay connected with Meru using active directory or radius authentication, web smart customer portal for guset login, or pre shared key, every feature is available and at your convenience.

We strongly recommend Meru Networks for any voice/video quality network design and out certified designers and engineers have complete knowledge of the product making Trusted your go to choice for Wireless Networking. Armed with our powerful Ekahau Wireless survey tools for predictive design and post site survey, we have the eyes to see where coverage is low or loss is occuring and rectify troublesome areas with confidence.

Wireless is our speciality and we greatly enjoy rolling out quality wifi for our customers.
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