Mobile Device Management

We can provide a solution for Mobile device management that is innovative and complete across Apple iPhone, & iPad, Android, Black Berry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and others.

BYOD-cycle-300x183What makes us different?

We manage or enable you to seamlessly manage your whole mobile fleet across different platforms.  We follow the following 7 steps to ensure you’re in control of the mobile content and security of your fleet, whilst enabling you to deploy the apps you need to in a timely way.

So, whether you are supporting “bring your own device”, deploying mobile apps to your service fleet, or distributing sensitive documents to your board of directors, Trusted Business Solutions makes it easier for you to put your mobiles to work.


Zenprise-300x88At Trusted we use Zenprise, the most innovative and secure mobile device management solution, backed by the best customer service in the industry.


digital_devices_1600_wht_9577Having control of your mobile work force devices and BYOD devices gives the confidence to know that data is safe and secure and devices are being used according to their correct purpose.

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