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Does your computer backup system recover to any hardware, anywhere? Some computer backups only work on identical hardware – but what if that hardware is destroyed and replacement parts no longer available?

Storage Craft Shadow Protect creates a virtual image of your entire disk, which is then able to be restored to another server and recovered. It’s comprehensive and quick. The image can be set to update incrementally as data changes on the server. This is the reason why Shadow Protect is the leading product when it comes to computer backup protection for your valuable data.

Computer backups can be done locally, and then the image also backed up offsite.

Computer Backup Services – be prepared!

A wise man once said, “A backup is not a backup unless it is tested.”

Small businesses risk a lot of critical information in the email exchange and Windows systems. Not being able to recover data can be very costly and damaging. We can test your backup for you and restore it in our lab – and then complete test restores regularly to ensure they are true backups. Has this ever been done by your IT department?

Another key to minimise risk to your business, is to be prepared for disaster – the steps to disaster recovery.

That way, should the unthinkable happen, the stress is reduced when the plan of recovery is already documented and as easy as following the steps A.B.C.

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