Telstra now offer the opportunity to use your loyalty credits on the All 4 Biz program to purchase IT equipment such as Servers, Wireless Equipment and Networking Infrastructure. Not only can this be for IT equipment but also for IT Professional services for installation, cloud migration and ongoing technical support. Traditionally this credit was used for telephone systems only but now Telstra have opened the opportunity to offset your IT costs so if your phone system is fine you can still take advantage of this great offer.

What is All 4 Biz?

Well if you have eligible existing Telephone accounts with Telstra, fixed or mobile, or if you choose to switch to Telstra, then you can get a plan that suits your spend. The “All 4 Biz” consolidates your services and allows free on account calls between your fixed and mobile accounts. It also can provide a loyalty credit Technology Fund, based on a minimum spend commitment. If you spend a minimum of $500 per month on your fixed line and or mobiles at the moment then you are already in a position to be receiving these loyalty credits. The credits you receive depend on the amount you have committed to spend per month and the number of months you sign up for. You can choose from 24months to 60months contract terms.

For example: Say you spend $1000.00 per month on fixed and mobile telephone currently and you get me to contract you to an ‘All 4 Biz’ for 60mths. The loyalty credit in this case would be $7200. Once applied this credit can be used when needed to help you pay for a new sever or wireless equipment or even to get your business working in the cloud.

I think this sounds like a great deal for your business, give me a call 1300 799897 or shoot me through an email and let me know when you are available to catch up and I can work out with you how much loyalty credit we can get working for your business.